Wax Room Online Tutorial

Nordiq Canada offers online training for wax techs through The Locker, Coaching Association of Canada’s training platform. The module is free for any coaches with ‘Intro to Community Coach’ training and only $12 for anyone interested in improving their waxing skills and knowledge.

The skills and processes shared in this e-learning course are used by technicians working at the top levels of racing. The training is presented by Joel Jaques, Technical Services Coordinator for Nordiq Canada’s National Ski Team. Training topics include:

  • Tools and tool care
  • Paraffin glide wax
  • Powders
  • Blocks and pucks
  • Liquids and gels
  • Kick wax
  • Klister
  • Structure
  • Travel wax and hot scraping
  • Waxless skis
  • Stone grinding and new ski prep

To get started, go to the Locker and log in or create a free account. To create your free account, you will be prompted to create an NCCP number and a Locker account. You will find the online waxing clinic under the e-learning tab. Happy learning!