Canada Points List

The Canada Points List (CPL) is a ranking tool for athlete performance. It uses race results and calculations to provide a consistent and reliable performance measure relative to other skiers at different ages and stages of development. The CPL is a useful development tool for coaches and athletes. For others, it offers important decision-making information.

Race points are based off of a skier’s time behind the race winners time, taking into consideration the depth and quality of field. International FIS races and domestic race results are taken into consideration. To understand the methodologies behind the CPL, visit the Document Centre.

CPL reports are interactive. You can sort the list by name or rank and click on a racer’s license number to see the races under consideration. For seeding lists that are produced periodically over the season (normally five periods) the Distance CPL is the average of the best seven results and the Sprint CPL is the average of the best four. Only races in the previous 12 months are eligible. Sometimes ad hoc ranking lists are posted for a specific team or trip selection; the number of races and which races are included will be determined by the relevant selection criteria.

Nordiq Canada encourages athletes and coaches to check the lists for accuracy. If you have any concerns with points or race results, please contact Nordiq Canada at .

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