Summer Roller Sking

Everyone can cross country ski. To do it well, though, takes years of practice to develop good technique. Roller skiing allows skiers to practice their ski technique well after the snow has melted. Beyond that, roller skiing is fun and another great way to stay in shape!

Roller Ski Programs

Roller skiing is included in club programs, and there are many resources available to coaches and skiers working to improve skills on their own.

Roller Ski Racing

Roller ski racing is a fun way for athletes to do specific training, keep sharp during the long off-season, and maintain club relationships. Roller ski races are extra special because they can be held in the centre of town. Fast and exciting to watch, downtown races have been known to attract  new participants to the “extreme sport” side of cross country skiing!

Given the growth in roller skiing’s popularity, FIS recognized roller skiing as a distinct discipline in 1992 and the first roller skiing World Cup was held in 1993 and World Championships in September 2000.

Roller Ski Equipment

Like cross country skiing on snow, roller skiing has two styles: classic and skate. The equipment is different for each style of roller skiing. Most beginner skiers start on skate roller skis. Skate roller skis are much more maneuverable and the boots more stable compared to classic roller skis and boots. When they are comfortable, they can progress to classic roller skis.

Nordic Ski Lab Roller Ski Drill Videos

Visit Nordic Ski Lab for Roller ski drills to develop agility, balance and coordination.

Visit the Document Center for roller ski resources, including an equipment guide.