What is the Ski Playground event?

In partnership with Sport Canada and the Community Sport for All grant, Ski Playground is a multi-sport event that encourages participants to try cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski-jumping, and nordic combined in a safe and engaging environment. The Ski Playground Try It Event is hosted by clubs and communities and is supported by Nordiq Canada, Biathlon Canada, Nordic Combined Ski Canada, and Ski Jumping Canada. Ski Playground is intended to be a no-cost event for the club and community to host and event participants.

Who is Ski Playground for?

Ski Playground is designed for all ages and abilities with a mission to serve Equity-Deserving Populations. Ski Playground features can be built for beginners and skilled users with varying degrees of feature difficulty.

Find a Ski Playground event near you!

Location Club Date Club/Event Website
Penticton, BC Nickel Plate Nordic Feb, 18 https://nickelplatenordic.org/
Fredericton, NB Wostawea Cross Country Ski Club Feb 24 https://www.wostawea.ca/
Langham, SK River Ridge Nordic March 3 https://www.riverridgenordic.com/
Uncas, AB Strathcona Wilderness Centre March 9 https://www.strathcona.ca/recreation-events/recreation-centres/strathcona-wilderness-centre/
Yellowknife, NWT Yellowknife Ski Club April (TBD on final date) https://skiyellowknife.com/

Want to host your own ski playground event:

Why host a Ski Playground event?

Engage local, equity-deserving populations in your club’s programming and offer a unique, try-it style event to introduce potential new club members. Utilize Nordiq Canada’s support to engage a broad range of ages and abilities with fleets of cross country, ski jumping skis and biathlon equipment. Include your local Para community with adapted equipment like sit skis and visually impaired biathlon rifles.

Ski Playground for Athlete Development

There is no denying that in the early development of ski/movement skills among children, the value of play and discovery cannot be overstated. A challenging and engaging environment inviting skiers to explore and expand their skills, competencies, and enjoyment is foundational to not only the technical development of our sport, but also to establishing a progressive and open-ended learning pathway. Ski Playground uses the environment, combined with fun and engaging activities to help develop fundamental skills for nordic skiing athletes.

The following resources are intended to be used anywhere there is snow and a bit of space, adaptable to your local surroundings, needs and imagination.


Where can I build a Ski Playground?

Ideal terrain for a Ski Playground event includes utilizing a large open space as a base for various skills stations, a small incline or hill to practice downhill skills as well as for building a K5 ski jump, and a section of flat terrain to set up Eco Aim laser biathlon rifle range (~100m2 area) for 4-5 rifle and target systems (battery powered).

Ideal terrain may not be available at your site; in such cases, creativity and imagination substitute in locations that that do not fit the prototypical ideal. Cross-country & biathlon are easily accommodated on most terrains and even very small inclines can be built up with minimal snow piling to incorporate the K5 ski jump. Ski Playground is intended to be a use- what-you-got event.