Divisions Update

Weekly Update: September 25 – October 1

October 05, 2020

Call for Candidates and Notice of Election

The Athlete Directors are full voting members of the Nordiq Canada Board of Directors. They represent the perspectives of Nordiq Canada’s athletes in decision-making. They are crucial to ensuring the athlete voice is heard, and to ensuring Nordiq Canada’s success. Nordiq Canada recently added a second Athlete Director position to the Board, with the requirement of gender representation between the two positions. As a male occupies the current Athlete Director position, an election will take place to select a female Athlete Director.

Insurance Information Posted

Information on our third party sports liability insurance policy, including Directors and Officers Errors and Omissions, is provided at https://nordiqcanada.ca/about/insurance/. Note the three exclusions to the policy:

  1. Sexual Abuse and Harassment will be covered on a claims-made basis and only for claims made after July 15, 2020. Any retroactive claims will be assessed under the policy in place at the time of the alleged abuse. It is essential that you have strong and documented prevention policies and practices in place.
  2. Cyber Exclusion – losses due to hacking and other computer and data system exposures are excluded. It is essential that you have strict protocols over your entire system, particularly given the amount of private and confidential information some clubs and Divisions possess.
  3. Communicable Disease Exclusion – COVID-19 and other communicable diseases are excluded. It is essential that you have strong protocols in place, are able to prove that you followed your protocols, and can show that you communicated your protocols to members.


Framework for Developing COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols: New Sections Added

We have added two sections to the Framework (link to https://nordiqcanada.ca/nordiq-canada-covid-protocol/):
  • Skills Development Programs
  • Events/Racing
You may use this framework to develop a return to play protocol that meets your organization’s needs and satisfies the public health directives that apply where you operate. Because some Divisions have created a framework specific to their province or territory, clubs should check with their Division before drafting a return to play protocol.