Weekly Update: September 4 – 10

September 14, 2020

AGM Report

Thank you and congratulations to the following newly elected members of the Nordiq Canada Board of Directors:

  • Board Chair Jennifer Tomlinson
  • Directors-At-Large Charlotte McNaughton, Ted Kalil and Sarah Daitch

Nordiq Canada’s voting members (Division Chairs and the Athlete Director Angus Foster) also approved the following by-law changes:

  • the term for directors-at-large and the Board Chair is three years (was two years)
  • there will be two athlete directors (was one) – one male and one female

Fluoro Update 

The Fluoro-free wax lists for grip and glide wax will no longer be offered as a resource or updated.  It is recommended that athletes, coaches, teams, parents etc work directly off of the various wax brand websites to confirm which waxes are fluoro free and which contain fluoro.  Many wax brands now have fluoro-free sections on their website.  Air on the side of caution if unsure if the wax contains fluorinated wax.  As a reminder fluorinated waxes are now a prohibited substance at all FIS and Nordiq Canada sanctioned events for the 2020-21 season.

Competition Development (L2C) On-Snow Workshop– Whistler, BC.  November 19 – 22, 2020


FEES: 400$ per coach includes trail fees, workshop materials, four complete days of training, pre-workshop portfolio evaluation and evaluation. All other expenses are the responsibility of the participants. Note that the workshop may be cancelled for lack of registrations.

TRAIL FEES: 33.60$

PRE-REQUISITES: Comp-Dev (L2C) Dryland Workshop completed.

PRE-WORKSHOP MATERIALS AND ASSIGNMENT: reading materials and pre-workshop assignments (if applicable) will be forwarded to participants with details and deadlines. Take note that you must forward your portfolio for “Monitoring, testing and designing training plans for L2C athletes” at the time of registration if you want this evaluation to be completed during the workshop.