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World Cup P3 2019-20 Team Announcement

December 23, 2019

The following athletes have been selected to participate in the World Cup for period 3, as per the Competition Trip Selection Criteria 2019-20 document. The team of four (4) women and four (4) men will depart Canada early January to compete in races at Dresden and Oberstdorf, Germany and Falun, Sweden.

  • Dahria Beatty (criteria 4.2.a)
  • Katherine Stewart-Jones (criteria 4.2.b)
  • Antoine Cyr (criteria 4.2.b)
  • Maya MacIsaac-Jones (criteria 4.2.c)
  • Kate Weaver (criteria 4.2.c)
  • Pierre Grall-Johnson (criteria 4.2.c)
  • Graham Ritchie (criteria 4.2.c)
  • Bob Thompson (criteria 4.2.c)