Nordiq Canada News

World Cup P3 2019-20

December 16, 2019

The following are the top eight (8) male and female athletes on the ranking list for criteria 4.2.c World Cup P3 as outlined in the Nordiq Canada Competition Trip Selection Criteria 2019-20. Appeals of the ranking list must be submitted in writing to Shane Pearsall before Friday, December 20, 10:00 AM MST. Due to tight timelines appeals will follow the Summary Dispute Resolution process. The World Cup P3 team will be announced once all qualification opportunities are completed and confirmation of athlete elibility.

MenCanmore QCanmore FinalNakkertok QNakkertok FinalBest 2 of 4Rank
Pierre Grall-Johnson100321002001
Graham Ritchie508080501602
Bob Thompson4529361001453
Olivier Hamel802450321304
Antoine Cyr265032801305
Jess Cockney291001296
Antoine Briand604040601207
Julian Smith402060451058


WomenCanmore QCanmore FinalNakkertok QNakkertok FinalBest 2 of 4Rank
Katherine Stewart-Jones100100601002001
Maya MacIsaac-Jones808080801602
Katie Weaver3632100601603
Laura Leclair606045451204
Annika Richardson505040501005
Laurence Dumais323650501006
Frédérique Vézina4545907
Hannah Mehain4040808