Divisions Update

Weekly Division Update: October 23 – 29

November 07, 2020

New Wax Tech Resources on Website

Calling all wax techs! Visit Wax Tech Resources to learn about Nordiq Canada’s fluoro-free rule for sanctioned races. Information includes exemptions from the ban, consequences for use, cleaning protocols and links to wax distributors. New to waxing? See Wax Tech 101 for instruction from Nordiq Canada’s exceptionally skilled Joel Jaques.

Decision-making for FIS Regional Cups

Our decision-making framework will be posted to the Nordiq Canada website within a week, so that you can see who is making decisions and how. In a nutshell, organizing committees will use public health guidance to decide whether an event can continue as interprovincial,  needs to be adjusted to local, or needs to be cancelled. Nordiq Canada intends to remove the FIS Sanction if/when an organizing committee changes an event from inter-provincial to local.

FIS Points Extension

Traditionally, FIS points earned by a competitor are valid for 365 days. An athlete’s FIS point ranking is based on the average of their best five results during that 365-day period. If an athlete doesn’t compete in a FIS competition for more than one year, the athlete will lose those FIS points. Due to concerns about event cancelation resulting from the pandemic, FIS has extended the FIS point calculation period back to May 13, 2019. This means any FIS points earned from May 13, 2019 until the end of the 2021 winter season will count toward an athlete’s FIS point ranking. An athlete entering the 2020-2021 season with FIS points will not lose their points if they are unable to participate in any FIS sanctioned competitions.

New Strategic Goal

The Board of Directors approved an addition to the strategic plan. Under the broad goal of increased participation and against a backdrop of diversity and inclusion, the Board added “Cross-country skiing participants reflect Canadian society.”

Nordic Strategy Update

Working Groups 1 (Revenue Generation) and 3 (Participation and Membership) submitted recommendations to the Boards of Nordiq Canada, Biathlon Canada, Ski Jumping Canada and Nordic Combined Canada. The Steering Committee will now build business cases to test the recommendations. Working Groups 2 (Sport Performance) and 4 (Administration) are having their first meetings now. A website in being developed to share progress.

Get to Know Your CEO

Stéphane Barrette Brings Loads of Passion and a Dose of Humility to the Helm of Nordiq Canada. More.