Domestic Race Circuit

The Domestic race circuit gives Canadian cross-country skiers the opportunity to participate and compete in racing at developmentally appropriate levels, following Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development model, from local and regional events to International Ski Federation Events. 

Tier 1 Event

An event that is multi-Divisional or national and primarily for the U20 and Open categories in the Learning to Compete-1 (L2C) to Train to Win (T2W) development stages. Designated racers earn FIS and CPL points. A Tier 1 event is sanctioned by FIS (Federation International de Ski) and Nordiq Canada. 

Nordiq Cup (COC)

The primary purpose is to select Continental Cup (COC) leaders. The nameNorAm is outdated terminology and has been replaced with the name ‘Nordiq Cups’.  

  • Tier 1 - FIS sanctioned for the combined Open category – consisting of the Senior, U23, U20 age groups
    • Examples of Nordiq Cups can include Nordiq Canada Selection Trials, Nordiq Canada Ski Nationals, Nordiq Cup (COC) series 
Canada Cups

Emphasis on providing developmentally appropriate regional racing and reducing travel and costs to athlete and clubs. Building from East/West series.  

  • Tier 1 - FIS sanctioned for the combined Open category – consisting of the Senior, U23, U20 age groups.
  • Combined with regional Tier 2 (non-FIS sanctioned) events and regional race series.
    • Examples of Canada Cups can include Eastern and Western Championships and Canada Cup Series  

Tier 2 Event

An event that is Divisional (PTSO) and primarily for the Train to Train (T2T) to Learn to Compete 2 (L2C-2) development stages. Designated racers earn Canada Points List points. A Tier 2 event is sanctioned by Nordiq Canada and the Division. 

Examples of Tier 2 Events can include provincial and territorial championships, provincial cups and Canada Winter Games.  

Tier 3 Event

A competition or event that is neither Tier 1 nor Tier 2, is open to racers or participants who are not members of the host club, AND for which more than $5 per participant is collected. Tier 3 events may be primarily for the Fundamentals to T2T/L2C1 development stages, inter-club events, or participation-focused community or popular events.  

Examples of Tier 3 events can include the Canadian Ski Marathon, the Canmore Nordic Canada Day Run, and the Coupe des Fondeurs school ski races. 

Club event or club competition

An event or competition that is hosted by one club solely for its members.