Ski at School

The AltaGas Ski-at-School program invites Canadian school kids to experience cross-country skiing – an activity they’ll have for life. The Ski-at-School program provides grants to divisions for coaching, transportation, equipment and other support needed to:

  1. Encourage schools to include cross-country skiing as part of their physical education curriculum.
  2. Link schools with local cross-country ski clubs and divisions.
  3. Include all children with the help of specialized equipment and support.
  4. Promote the active-for-life principle, and fuel interest in cross-country skiing as a lifelong sport.
  5. Focus on FUN! Kids learn with friends and classmates.
  6. Give children the skills, equipment and coaching they need.
  7. Deliver programming during regular class hours or after school, onsite or offsite, and with the support of a local ski club or as a stand-alone program.
  8. Use programming guidelines and sample lesson plans.

Nordiq Canada is thrilled to partner with AltaGas to offer one-time grants of up to $8000 per program. Grants cannot represent more than 50% of the program’s budget. Applications are available in the spring of each year.

For information on starting a ski-at-school program, please contact your Division and look for resources in the Document Centre.