Rémi Drolet


Date of birth:
August 31, 2000
Place of birth:
Trail, BC
Rossland, BC
Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club
Dave Wood
Wax Technician:
Ken Byram, Dave Wood
Years on Senior National Team:  2
Years on Junior National Team: 3

Skis: Fischer
Poles: Swix
Boots/Bindings: Fischer



National Ski Team Background:

Remi has been involved in Canada’s junior development program since he made his Junior World Championship debut in 2017. Steadily working his way through the athlete pathway, Remi has demonstrated tremendous potential while representing Canada at the last four Junior World Championship events: Soldier Hollow (2017); Lahti, FIN: (2018); and Oberweisenthal, GER (2020) where he led Canada’s first-ever medal-winning relay team at the premiere junior international race. In 2021, Remi competed in both the Under-23 World Championships in Vuokatti, FIN followed by the Senior World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf, GER. Remi also received his first taste of World Cup racing in 2019 when he competed in the World Cup Finals in Quebec City.

Introduction to Cross-Country Skiing:

Growing up in Rossland, B.C., Remi has played all sports since he can remember: alpine skiing, soccer, mountain biking, and hockey. Like most Canadian kids, Remi put his time into the sport of hockey, but it was time to move on. Looking for something else to chase excellence in he found cross-country skiing. As a youngster, Remi would follow his parents while cross-country skiing on the packed hiking trails near his home. He had never skied a groomed trailed or even knew what cross-country was prior to taking lessons with his classmates at school. He immediately found joy in the sport, and at the advice of one of his instructors, suggested he would join the local Track Attack Racing program. Remi always had a strong endurance when it came to running, so this, combined with having access to many top-notch coaches in the area had a significantly positive impact on his development in the sport. Remi never looked back.

He found a new found love of training and racing, as well as competitiveness that kept him motivated to chase new goals each year. He has been steadily improving and represents one of many talented next-generation Canadian skiers. Remi is hopeful he will continue to develop and improve so that one day he will be able to compete with the best skiers in the world.



Simply put – Remi loves his time outside. He spent a great deal of his childhood hiking and camping, and he loves being in the mountains and woods of the wilderness. Apart from this, he also has a strong interest in science and technology. In addition to chasing his Olympic dreams, Remi is focused on his academics while studying physics and mathematics at Harvard University. It is his goal to be part of what he describes as “the incredible and ever-accelerating technological development in the world.” Remi is a fantasy and science fiction enthusiast. He absolutely loves board games and tabletop games.  If you are ever looking for someone to play a game with, he is your man!

Notable Results

Career Highlights:

2021 – World Ski Championships, Oberstdorf, GER: 31 (50km C Mst), 10 (4x5km Relay), 52 (15km F), 39 (Skiathlon), 56 (Sprint C)

2021 – Under-23 World Championships, Vuokatti, FIN: 21 (15km F), 28 (Sprint C)

2020 – World Junior Championships, Oberwiesenthal, GER: 4 (30 km F Mst), 2 (4×5 km Relay)

2019 – World Junior Championships, Lahti, FIN: 7 (30km C Mst)

2017 – US National Championships and Canadian World Junior Trials, Soldier Hollow, USA: 1 (11km C Mst)

Full Results

World Championship Results:

2021 – World Ski Championships, Oberstdorf, GER: 31 (50km C Mst), 10 (4x5km Relay), 52 (15km F), 39 (Skiathlon), 56 (Sprint C)

2021 – Under-23 World Championships, Vuokatti, FIN: 21 (15km F), 28 (Sprint C)

2020 – World Junior Championships, Oberwiesenthal, GER: 4 (30 km F Mst), 2 (4×5 km Relay), 29 (10km C), 23 (Sprint F)

2019 – World Junior Championships, Lahti, FIN: 7 (30km C Mst), 20 (10km F), 25 (Sprint), 11 (4x5km Relay)

2017 – World Junior Championships, Soldier Hollow, USA: 50 (10km F), 49 (Skiathlon)


World Cup Results:

2021 – World Cup, Engadin, SUI: 57 (50km F Pursuit), 67 (15km C Mst)

2021 – World Cup, Falun, SWE: 50 (15km C Mst), 63 (15km F)

2021 – World Cup, Lahti, FIN: 49 (Skiathlon)

2020 – World Cup Finals, Quebec City, CAN: 51 (15km F Pursuit), 52 (15km C Mst), 67 (Sprint F)


National Results:

2020 – Haywood NorAm, Mont Ste-Anne, Que.: 1 (10km C Junior), 5 (30km F Mst)

2019 – Canadian Ski Championships, Gatineau, Que.: 2 (10km C), 3 (15km F Pursuit),

2019 – Haywood NorAm, Red Deer, Alta.: 1 (10km F), 8 (Sprint F), 1 (15km C Mst)

2019 – Haywood NorAm, Kelowna, B.C.: 2 (Sprint F), 1 (15km C)

2018 – Haywood NorAm, Canmore, Alta.: 6 (30km C Mst)

2018 – Haywood NorAm, Vernon, B.C.: 13 (15km C)