Become a race official

Officials embody qualities like impartiality, passion for the sport, humility, and a strong work ethic. They share a special camaraderie and take immense pride in executing successful events. 

Canada’s 1,700+ officials are vital for cross-country skiing excellence, supporting athletes from local to international levels with safe, fair, and developmentally appropriate competitions.  

How to Become an Official

Becoming a Level 1 Nordiq Canada official is easy and free. Simply create an account in the Nordiq Canada Officials Training Centre , and then click “Nordiq Canada Officials Level 1 Online Certification.”  

Level 1 online training includes eight sections and will allow you to do individual tasks at races under the supervision of an experienced Chief. Take all the time you want to complete the course! Your success is our success in gaining new trained volunteers. 


Continue Your Officiating Journey 

Nordiq Canada, FIS, and our provincial and territorial Divisions coordinate ongoing training opportunities for officials. These workshops allow officials to hone their skills, remain uptodate with the newest rule changes and stay informed of evolving officiating techniques. 

  • Level 2 workshops are organized by Division Offices. 
  • Level 3 workshops are organized by Nordiq Canada. 
  • FIS International Level 4 and 5 training is jointly organized by FIS and Nordiq Canada 


Track, Experience, and Maintain your certification

Nordiq Canada’s Official Online Registry the best place for officials to easily track their experience and progression through the pathway, stayupto date on officiating news, and connect with the greater official’s community nationally.  

Officials Pathway 

The Officials Certification Program is designed to produce uniformity in officiating across the country.  

The following Officials Certification Program chart shows: 

  • The five levels of official certification plus homologation inspection certification; 
  • The prerequisites, training, evaluation, and maintenance required to reach and maintain those levels; 
  • The levels required to officiate at various types of competition. 


  • OL1 – Official Level 1 Course 
  • OL2 – Official Level 2 Course 
  • OL3 – Official Level 3 Course 
  • OL4 – Official Level 4 Course 
  • ATD – Assistant Technical Delegate 
  • TD – Technical Delegate 
  • FIS – Fédération International de Ski 

Nordiq Canada’s Officials Working Group

The Nordiq Canada Officials Working group is a volunteer advisory committee that works with staff to advise and support: 

  • Official’s Development 
  • Rules and Regulations 
  • Event Calendar Planning 
  • Technical Delegate Assignments 
  • Course Homologation and Inspection 
  • And much more! 

The Officials Working group terms of reference can be found in the Document Centre.


Officials Resources

Visit the Document Centre to find officiating resources, such as the Officials Manual, Rules and Regulations, and various forms.