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2022-2023 Para Nordic World Cup Competition team Soldier Hollow, USA

February 22, 2023

Selection Rationale


Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to the Para Nordic World Cup competition team from March 1 – 8, 2023, in Soldier Hollow, USA. Athlete selections were based on the 2022-2023 Para Nordic Competition Trip Criteria and summarized in the Athlete Nomination Synopsis and Rationale.

The deadline to appeal Team nominations is Friday, February 24, 2023, 11:59 PM MST. Appeals must be submitted in writing to Nordiq Canada’s Appeal Manager, Stefano Mingarelli, at .



Natalie Wilkie – 3 Gold, 2 Silver PN World Championships

Mark Arendz – 3 Gold, 1 Silver PN World Championships

Collin Cameron  – 1 Gold, 2 Silver PN World Championships

Brittany Hukad – 1 Silver, 2 Bronze PN World Championships

Derek Zaplotinsky – 4th biathlon middle, 5th XC sprint final WCH

Christina Picton – 54.73 points in XC sprint (Final) WCH, 78.63 points in XC 20 Km WCH

Ethan Hess – 104.92 WC FIN XC 5 Km, 106.45 WC FIN Sprint, Has achieved 90 points in the past

Lyne-Marie Bilodeau – 127.63 at WC FIN XC 10 KM

Leo Sammarelli – 158.04 at COC US Nationals sprint


Athlete nominations were made by the High Performance Committee (HPC) based on the 2022-23 Nordiq Canada Competition Trip Criteria. The HPC oversaw the selection process as per the Nordiq Canada Selection, Nominations and Announcement policy. Members of this committee are:

  • Robbi Weldon (athlete rep – Para)
  • Devon Kershaw (athlete rep – Olympic)
  • Maria Lundgren (BC)
  • Alain Masson (Yukon)
  • John Lofranco (Athletics Canada)
  • Julie Beaulieu (Nordiq Canada)
  • Kate Boyd (Nordiq Canada)
  • Chris Jeffries (Nordiq Canada)

Final athlete selections were approved by Kate Boyd, High Performance Director – Para Nordic