Selection Rationale

2024-2025 Para Nordic Team and AAP Nominations

April 23, 2024

Selection Rationale (click to view)


Congratulations to the following athletes who have been nominated to the Paralympic stream of the National Ski Team based on the criteria outlined in the Para Nordic Canada National Ski Team (PNST) Selection Criteria 2024-25 and to the athletes who will be nominated to Sport Canada to receive AAP carding under the Para Nordic Athlete Assistance Program Selection Criteria 2024-25.


Selection Rational

  • The goal of PNST and AAP selection criteria is to select athletes who demonstrate the potential for a podium performance.
  • For World Cup Team selection, the FIS PN points listed are a combination of the best of two (2) races.
  • Athletes are listed in priority order for AAP carding nominations, as there is no priority selection order for selection to the PNST World Cup team.


The deadline to appeal PN nominations is Wednesday, May 8, 2024 11:59 PM in the time zone of the athlete’s current residence. Appeals must be submitted in writing to Nordiq Canada’s Appeal Manager, Stefano Mingarelli, at .

Nominations (click to view)


The HPC oversaw the athlete nomination selection process as per the Nordiq Canada Selection, Nominations and Announcement policy. Members of this committee are:

  • Graham Nishikawa (athlete rep – Para)
  • Devon Kershaw (athlete rep – Olympic)
  • Maria Lundgren (BC)
  • Pauline Nadlersmith (ON)
  • John Lofranco (Athletics Canada)
  • Julie Beaulieu (Nordiq Canada)
  • Chris Jeffries (Nordiq Canada)

Final athlete selections were approved by Chris Jeffries, High Performance Director