Media Release

Nordiq Canada launches new website

February 11, 2020

Dear Sport Partner,

On the heels of the 93rd Canadian Ski Championships in the nation’s capital last spring, we officially rebranded ourselves as Nordiq Canada

Our new brand signaled a bold mission by our Board of Directors and dedicated staff to encourage all Canadians to find themselves on skinny skis, with the ultimate goal of developing more high-performance athletes who are committed to chasing the international podium.

Inspired by a passionate group of cross-country skiers connected by trails across the country, we believe that Nordiq Canada will take the sport enjoyed by millions across the country in a new direction to better reflect Canada’s nordic ski community, while remaining true to its history and tradition.

Proudly showcasing Canada’s diversity, Nordiq Canada goes beyond the nation’s two official languages to welcome all Canadians under one name. The Nordiq Canada symbol deepened that connection by depicting Canadians coming together and moving forward on skinny skis.

Driven by the values of passion, respect, improvement, drive and excellence, Nordiq Canada will welcome everyone to find their own personal greatness in the sport – whether it’s skiing in pursuit of the international podium with the Canadian maple leaf on their chest, or for fun and fitness.

Today, we are proud to take you on the next step of our rebranding mission with the launch of our new official web site,

With input from our community in all corners of the country, we believe this new web site will properly serve our entire community – from newcomers seeking to get on a pair of skis for the first time, to those searching for a club, and for all to keep a close eye on our National Team athletes’ journey to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Nordiq Canada is excited for this new direction that is sure to lead us on a trail to a promising future.

We hope the new site will be a valuable source of information for all in our Nordic family.


Jen Tomlinson
Chair, Nordiq Canada

Shane Pearsall
Chief Executive Officer, Nordiq Canada