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Weekly Division Update Aug 17

August 24, 2023

Dear Divisions, please share this information within your offices and with your members as appropriate.

Division Update Aug 17


First draft 2023-2024 Competition Criteria OLY Stream

We are excited to share with you the initial draft of our 2023-2024 Competition Criteria for the Olympic stream. We kindly request that you take some time to review it and share your thoughts. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Your feedback will contribute to shaping the final version of the criteria.The deadline for providing feedback on Draft 1 is Monday, August 21st. We encourage you to offer your input before this date, allowing us ample time to consider all perspectives and make necessary revisions.Following the feedback collection period, Draft 2 will then be circulated for final feedback. The final version will be published on our website and circulated.

Draft 1 2023-2024 Competition Criteria

Please email your feedback to Thank you we look forward to your feedback.



Team Coatsworth Athlete Grants – Applications Due Sept 5

The NCDF Team Coatsworth Athlete Grant is an annual grant delivered through the Nordiq Canada Development Fund. The aim of the grant is to support individual elite athletes, who are in financial need, and have demonstrated potential for reaching international podiums.

Athletes wishing to apply for the grant must provide the following by email to by September 5th, 2023.

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Club SafeSport
Nordiq Canada is pleased to share a pilot version of the new Club SafeSport with Division offices. Club SafeSport is being rolled out in Ontario now. We will collect feedback, make improvements, and then officially launch the resource in French and English.

Any club administrator can use this online toolkit to improve the safety and culture of their club. Club SafeSport offers many resources, including policy templates. Cross Country Ski Ontario is the first Nordiq Canada member to make these policies mandatory for its clubs. All other clubs must implement these policies at the beginning of the 2024-2025 membership year, unless exempt by provincial or territorial regulations. Clubs will receive more information about this transition leading into the 2024-2025 season.

Divisions are a valuable resource for clubs looking for help implementing SafeSport policies and practices and growing positive cultures. This Toolkit is designed to supplement the work of Divisions.

Club Safesport


2023-24 Domestic Race Calendar

Please see the updates to the 2023-24 Domestic Race Calendar.

Domestic Race Calendar