Media Release

Youth Olympic Games (YOG)

December 07, 2019

The following are the top seven (7) female and male athletes on the ranking list for the 2020 YOG selections as outlined in the Competition Trip Selection Criteria 2019-20. Appeals of the ranking list must be submitted in writing to Shane Pearsall before Monday, December 9, 10:00 AM MST. The athletes listed below will be subject to criteria eligibility before being selected to the YOG team.

Jasmine Drolet80100180
Liliane Gagnon10029129
Alison Gartner3680116
Isobel Hendry4560105
Alexandra Luxmoore5050100
Anna Stewart602282
Jill Stephen224567
Xavier Mckeever100100200
Derek Deuling5080130
Sasha Masson8040120
Felix-Olivier Moreau4560105
Luke Allan365086
Taschi Klaschka601676
Owen Pimm323668