Divisions Update

Weekly Division Update: May 28 – June 3

June 03, 2021

Preparing for the 2021-2022 Competition Season: Nordiq Canada Race Licenses

Starting July 1 athletes will be able to purchase 2021-2022 Nordiq Canada race licenses. Please remember that racers who hold a 2021-2022 race license but who did not hold a 2020-2021 race license:

  • will not be seeded in Period 1; they will be seeded in Period 2 if they race in Period 1
  • will not be used as reference skiers if they finish in the top 5 of early 2021-2022 races; they will be used as reference skiers when their 2021-2022 results start to be picked up by subsequent Canada Points Lists (CPL)
  • will not be eligible for NST/PNST nominations or AAP selections that rely on 2020-2021 CPL rankings
  • may not be eligible for Divisional and regional selections (confirm with your Division)

2020-2021 race licenses will continue to be available for purchase well into next season. If racers decide they need a 2020-2021 license, they must purchase the license before racing. Please think carefully about whether you need a 2020-2021 license; many racers will not need this license.



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